Is Your Kid Watching Too Much TV? Know How Much Is Too Much

Some parents would feel blissful upon the sight of their child paying attention to TV for the first time, for not all of them have the luxury of having an extended family to watch over their youngsters and count on the boob tube for at least 30 minutes of oasis. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no TV for kids under the age of 2 and that those older than 2 should only watch for one to two hours. Are you one of those parents who are willing to deflect the rules and set the standard on how much your child should spend watching TV? Here are some guidelines for you to determine if that kind of standard is right for your kid, or if they are having too much.

Learning comes first through imitation

Your child first learned to talk, to clap, and to walk by imitating your action, which is also the case when they watch TV. As a parent, it is your responsibility to identify appropriate TV programs that are suitable for your child such as Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. If you are fond of watching The Walking Dead with your tyke, think again. Avoid TV programs that present crime, sex, violence, romantic scenes, especially obscene language that can definitely register in your child for imitation. Studies say that bad behavior is one of the negative effects of unsupervised television watching. So the next time you want to catch up on your favorite series or shows, make sure your kid is not around or is sleeping. Even if you let them see for like 30 minutes, the content still imprints on their clean slate.

Too Much TV for Your Child Could Lead to Cardiovascular Disease

Too Much TV for Your Child Could Lead to Cardiovascular Disease

Television causes obesity in children

Even if your child is supervised whenever the boob tube is on, it is important that you spend more time with parent-child interaction. Sure, TV can be the babysitter in order for you to finish the dishes, laundry, and take a quick shower, but don’t leave your youngster to the electronic nanny for too long. Displacement of physical activity and reduced resting metabolism can cause obesity to children. It is best to set your TV on a timer where it will automatically turn off, then ready your kid’s toys or activity stuff to divert the attention.

A sudden change in your kid’s behavior is not good

Some studies established that prolonged TV exposure might hinder the growth of the prefrontal cortex, which is the area of the brain accountable for organizing and determining behavior for self-control, moral assessment, and attention. Some teachers are reporting that students are having reduced academic abilities, attention problems, as well as speech and language troubles with understanding and speaking and research proved that there is a link between excessive television and the developing problems of students. The moment you notice these kinds of problems with your child, you know the drill – limit their TV time and be strict to your rules.

Do Your Kids Watch Too Much TV?

Do Your Kids Watch Too Much TV?

There are things that TV can provide with regard to learning, like animals that cannot be found in your local zoo. However, keep in mind that everything that your little one see and hear is latent, prepared for the right time to prompt future behavior. Spending time with your kid and making yourself more stimulating or interesting than television can provide a better foundation in their demeanor.

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So That You Look Back Without Regrets!

Money is not everything but let’s face it, it pretty much is the most important thing. Financial security is a very good thing to have, especially when you are in the age when you are thinking of retiring. What you need is a good retirement budget so you can live a hassle free life and enjoy as much as you can till the end of your days. Managing your fiscal affairs is a pretty troublesome task. It requires some good understanding in the matters of money, where to invest your money so that you don’t turn up a loss, the market conditions and when planning to augment that retirement budget it is essential to keep in mind the inflation.

Here are the three biggest money mistakes you have to avoid before retiring so that you can spend your days just as comfortably as you had always dreamed of:

I will spend much less than I do now when I retire

This is the most common assumption that everyone makes when they think of retiring. This assumption arises from the fact that once you bid the good job a farewell some fixed expenditures will stop. These may include the daily commute, the office wardrobe and other miscellaneous spending. While that is true you have to keep in mind that once you retire you are on a vacation that lasts more than just a week. You will have all the time for yourself, to intensely follow your hobbies, travel. When you retire you will have the time to do all those things you couldn’t do earlier and that will cost you money.

When People Look Back on Their Lives, What Are Some Common Regrets They Have?

When People Look Back on Their Lives, What Are Some Common Regrets They Have?

The inflation doesn’t stop bothering!

Most people think that once they are in retirement there is no need to invest as there is no subsequent need to be wary against inflation. This is not very wise fellows; inflation will keep affecting your finance, doesn’t matter if you are retired or not. Assume that you will have about 20 years of retirement with an inflation of 3%, so unless you have growing income your power to spend will depreciate drastically. The smart thing to do is not to be too conservative about investing.

Life, As My Story

Life, As My Story

Not enough retirement fund yet? I’ll work more

This is again a mistake. You should not think that if you haven’t saved enough yet then you will keep working till into your 70s and save up. How many people do you actually see working in their 70s? Many people are under the impression that they will keep healthy or continue with the current job or find a new one. It is dubious if you will be able to work that long. The problem is that people don’t view retirement as long term plan, depending on what age you retire you could be spending half or even almost the same number of years in retirement that you did working, and you really need to account for that.

If you can be just smart (not really any genius is required here) when it comes to savings and investment and your finances then you really can hope of a retirement which is not filled with any regret and is quite truly, beautiful.

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Choosing The Best Name For Your Company

There are plenty of reasons why businesses design, adopt, choose and use a name. Among the most important reasons includes the need to stand out from the rest, the need to catch attention of clients and most importantly, the need to be easily searchable and friendly to the search engines. The need to capture the company’s goals and objectives, its culture, geographical location and what it stands for are also important considerations that business owners take while coming up with the perfect name for their companies.

Using linguistic agility for a perfect name

There is nothing as good as using linguistic prowess and agility to come up with that perfect name for your company. This is how to go about it:

  • Choose a word that lender itself to the company’s overall theme. This means that if your company deals with marketing, you can consider using names that include marketing, campaign, advertising, promotions, selling, markets, communication, and sales among other relevant phrases.



  • Use simple language. This will help your clients to remember and spell correctly. Avoid such words that will make your clients to keep asking you on its spelling. If they spell incorrectly, then you are most likely to miss out on a search engine results. A perfect company name should be simple and easy to remember.

  • Use a unique yet most fitting name that describes and stands for your company’s values, goals and objectives as well as its operations. Avoid using those words and phrases that everybody has used. Be creative, original and factual. This will help your company to cultivate and cut out a market share that is rewardingly unique.

Design a general name in a specific manner

A perfect name for your company is that one which is general yet specific. This means that you have to come up with a company name that will not limit future expansion of the business but still use a name that will specifically address what your company stands for. For example, if your company starts up as an outfit that makes and sells leather shoes, you may consider using a company name that centers on leather in general rather than shoes in particular. This will act as a foresight as your company may deal with, in addition to leather shoes other leather products such as belts, jackets, bags among others. Avoid family and personal names if possible. For example, John Smith Ltd may sound irrelevant to someone looking for a good leather shoe than it would be for Smartguy Leather Products and Accessories Ltd that clicks a welcoming bell.

How to Choose the Best Name For Your Business

How to Choose the Best Name For Your Business

Be broader than what your company’s scope

It is good to avoid company words that limit your company to a particular geographical or cultural niche. For example, your company should have a national rather than regional appeal. In this way, avoid words that limit you only to a particular state, mind about what it would feel if your company went beyond your state.

There is therefore every reason to design a perfect name for your company. Sometimes you may need to have a brainstorming session with your family or associates or even hire consultancy for your company to have that perfect appeal and relevance that will steer its operations, profitability and credibility to the highest levels possible.

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